3 Advanced SEO Techniques to Generate Leads in 2019


3 Advanced SEO Techniques to Generate Leads in 2019

In the Last 10 years Google have used around 100+ SEO Ranking Factors to decide the SERPs. Many Ranking factors were effective and given more reach to some of the websites. Online Marketo is one among them.

Now Google have confirmed that to use some most effective ranking factors, instead of using all SEO techniques. If you focus on the below mentioned top 3 advanced SEO Techniques, your website will reach big milestone in a short period of time.

Technical SEO:

There are so many SEO Free Audit Tools are available. The first thing is to audit your website to get clear idea about "What is there", "What is not there" & "What need to be done for better ranking"

Once you understood the SEO needs of your website, optimize it to get better search results. And you should check the following factors carefully.

  • Check your website Meta Title, Meta Description & Meta Tags are proper.
  • Audit your website content. If Duplicate content was found, remove it. Because website content should have uniqueness & quality as Google preferred.
  • Submit Your XML Sitemap on Google through Google Search Console.
  • Fix Broken links using some online tools.
  • Create robots.txt file.
  • Keep your website as mobile friendly.

Website Loading Speed:

Website Loading Speed will create great impact on both traffic and also generate Leads. As per Google Algorithm, if your website loading 2 to 7 seconds if great, 7 to 20 seconds is average and more than 20 seconds affects on number of visits to your website. So need loading speed optimization.

If your website is not having good loading speed, try to fix mentioned below errors.

  • Minify html, CSS & javascript files.
  • Minimize Image Sizes.
  • Fix Leverage Browser Caching.
  • Improve Server Response Time.

When you fix all the errors, ultimately User Experience will be great.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing plays a best role to generate leads and more traffic for your website. So give more important to the content. "Content is King". Based on your content quality and user readability brings more visits and will rank Top on Google SERPs.

Steps "How to write quality content":

  • To write quality content, important is the topic which you choose. For Example, if you choose old topics to write article, won't be more effective. So always try to choose TRENDING TOPICS relevant to your industry.
  • Once you finalized the topic, check the topic engagements in social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Quora. (Use BuzzSumo to check social engagements).
  • Then, write quality and user readability articles between 1000-1200 words.
  • BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Finding right website to post our quality content. Always post on HIGH DA GUEST POSTING SITES.
  • Some Free Guest posting sites (Hubpages, YourStory, Medium & Readwrite).


If you focus on the Top 3 SEO techniques, you will reach your success in 2019. Hope it helps you to gain more traffic & conversions.