How i see challenges and ideas a clear eye


How i see challenges and ideas with a clear eye

Hi, I'm Rajesh kattambally, a Product Designer and design sprint facilitator from Bangalore. Currently working at Bizlee as a Lead product designer and project manager. I was formerly the Co-founder and Creative director at Corediary and before that, I was working as emailer designer and web designer for a couple of other companies and clients.

A product designer is a problem solver and more empathetic towards real user issues. My goal is to help the rest of the team understand our user's problems and business objectives clearly and help design solutions that are useful, monetizable, elegant, simple and enjoyable to use.

What's more, I believe designers are only truly valuable when we deliver projects holistically and collaboratively with the help of google design sprint kind of process, where each team member become cross-functional.

I follow and facilitate design sprint framework which validate ideas and solve big challenges with high level of team collaboration!

In order to achieve that, I follow this process

1. Lightning decision jam

In almost all the project's initial stage I have faced difficulty in unproductive, opened and useless discussions with team and stakeholders.

I use Lightning decision jam technique to align the team towards a common set of goals and agreed upon solutions.

"It's important that we are all on the same page before diving in"

This technique helps to :

  • Easy to make faster decisions.
  • Prioritize problems by teams silent votes
  • Find the feasible and creative solution of voted problems.
  • Decide the solutions/features to work on next by Effort impact graph.

2. Understand the Challenges

Understanding real challenges from stakeholders and experts are really important for the success of the project. this steps will align the team towards a common goal/problems/design challenges/strategy to arrive solution within 5 days.

That involve :

  • Expert interviews +HMWs
  • Interview experts on your sprint team and guests from the outside. Ask about the vision, customer research, how things work and previous efforts. Pretend you are a reporter. Update long term goal, questions, and map as you go.

    frame the problem as opportunities. Start with the letters HMW on the top left corner. Write one idea per sticky note. Make a stack as you go. Organize how might we note and Vote on how might we note

  • Long term goal
  • Sprint questions
  • user journey map

  • Target—sprint focus

  • With this first day steps team will get aligned to a common goal/problems/design challenges/strategy to arrive the solution.Research the target audience.

  • Research existing solutions and competitors

Key Business Advantage: Ensures better product market fit

Depend on the project I have used Product definition canvas (twg)

2. Ideate

In this phase, the entire team (ideally 7 -10 people with diverse skills and expertise ) will come up with individual solutions to the original design challenge.

  • Outcome of this phase will be

Lightning demos

Solution sketches (Crazy 8's and solution sketch).

3. Decide

In this phase, team individually come up with solutions and the decide solutions to prototype by:

Vote on solutions (Heat map vote, Solution presentation, Strawpoll vote and decider vote).

User test flow


4. Prototype

This phase is my favorite and exciting as product designer! the reason behind making a high fidelty prototype is to validate the overall prduct idea/challenges/ get the answers for the sprint questions.

1. High fidelity prototype

Tools used: Adobe xd, Invision, Trello

Build a prototype that looks real enough to the testers so that it triggers reactions in live.

5. User testing

I have done mainly In-person testing and remote testing.

Tools used : Real time board (mirro), Google meet, Cameras, Mobiles, Tripod/recording stand, Video recording, Video streaming,Ear phones, Note books, Sticky notes(Green & Orange).

5. Analyze Website Duplicate Content

Recruiting user testers (target 5 users).

Ask questions to qualify the testers by Survey platfomrs . (google forms, survey monkey).

Prepare interview questions and NDS(tasks based)

Conduct interview

Give some time to finish all the tasks then ask :

  • What do you think of this(specify any of the tasks)
  • What do you expect that will do(specify a task)
  • What are you looking for(specify a task)

To wrap up the interview

  • How does this app feel with what do use now
  • What did you like in this
  • What did you dislike
  • How can you describe this to your friends
  • Anymore to tell us something about the app
  • In existing app/services, did you face any difficulties? What are they?


  • High fidelty protoype

  • Detailed user test feedback and feature requests.

  • Recommendations by effort impact scale.
  • Design sprint summary document.

    • You can have a look at the my Instagram stories and posts about my process here.

      Let me know what user centric process you follow and make team more collaborative by leaving your comments below.

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